Developmental Milestones

The following documents list Developmental Milestones for each of the age groups below as identified by the US Centers for Disease Control. Most of the milestones contain these sections:

Developmental Milestones

  • Social and Emotional (e.g. smiling; taking turns in a game)

  • Cognitive (e.g. finds a hidden object; understands the concept of two)

  • Language (e.g. responds to no; can say a sentence)

  • Movement (e.g. lifts head; jumps)

  • Hand and Finger Skills (e.g. puts objects in a container; draws a person with a body)

    These documents will be helpful if a parent asks, “Is my child developing at a normal rate?” Provide a copy of the age-appropriate milestones along with the Developmental Screening Fact Sheet (below).

Developmental Fact Sheets contain both English and Spanish versions 

Developmental Screening Fact Sheet

This one page guide from the CDC works in tandem with the Developmental Milestones. It helps parents understand the basics of developmental delays and where to go for help. It should be handed out with the age appropriate Developmental Milestones.
English / Español 

Tips for Talking to Parents

This one page document from the CDC provides advice for speaking with parents regarding a child’s developmental issues. If you suspect a child has a developmental issue:

  • Refer to the age appropriate developmental milestones.

  • Check with your supervisor about your concerns and your program’s policy regarding communicating with parents on this topic.

  • Refer to the document below for guidance.

    English Español 


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